Asteroidea Plastic Bottle

Packaging Design Focus: Asteroidea Plastic Bottle

A Good Packaging design example, the Asteroidea is a creative Plastic Bottle design. Asteroidea was designed in 2011, and here is a how it is described by its designer: Asteroidea is an elegant bottle that could be used for water, soft beverages and <Cropped>

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Matcha Me by Daria Berezneva

Daria Berezneva Reveals The Matcha Me Brand Identity

Daria Berezneva, the lead designer of the award winning project Brand Identity:Matcha Me by Daria Berezneva spells out, Matcha Me's new identity represents its true core; best tasting Matcha powder and a big love for Matcha tea. The new brand de <Cropped>

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The Big Bounce Object-Astrophysics Theory Sculpture by Timo Brunkhorst

Timo Brunkhorst Designs The The Big Bounce Object Astrophysics Theory Sculpture

Timo Brunkhorst, the thinktank behind the awarded design Award Winning The Big Bounce Object Astrophysics Theory Sculpture points out, This object represents a theoretical model of the origin of the universe. It combines the current scientific knowle <Cropped>

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Strong by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Designs The Strong Wall Mounted Range Hood

The maker of the displayed project Wall Mounted Range Hood by Acclaimed Designer demonstrates, Strong is a wall-mounted range hood with high performance and high-quality custom front panels. The use of high-quality material as a front panel, such as <Cropped>

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Chair:brasilia Chair by Rodrigo Scheel

Rodrigo Scheel Designs The Brasilia Chair Chair

Rodrigo Scheel, the creative mind behind the highlighted project Rodrigo Scheel's Brasilia Chair Chair spells out, Simplicity and elegance became clichés to describe anything between something and nothing. However, when laying the eyes on the B <Cropped>

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Lobby :the Rays by Vstudio Limited

Vstudio Limited Portrays The The Rays Lobby

Vstudio Limited, the maker of the highlighted work Vstudio Limited's The Rays Lobby demonstrates, A revitalization project to convert an old industrial building to a commercial office building. This is a challenging site with no natural light, n <Cropped>

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Maps:tactile Supports For Wayfinding by Daria Shmitko

Daria Shmitko Spotlights The Tactile Supports For Wayfinding Maps

Daria Shmitko, the creative mind behind the displayed work Tactile Supports for Wayfinding - Maps by Daria Shmitko says, The bachelor thesis (ISIA Urbino, supervisor: Luciano Perondi) investigates the problem of accessibility within the graphical rep <Cropped>

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Poetry Drawing by Nan Zhou

Nan Zhou Shows The Mu Dan Poetry Drawing

Nan Zhou, the project leader of the highlighted design Poetry drawing:Mu Dan by Nan Zhou explicates, Mu Dan series, it took about two months to draw more than 30 paintings. Author has been using bright, radiant colors and paint like a child. Not ever <Cropped>

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Award Winning Amheba Bookcase

George Šmejkal Portrays The Amheba Bookcase

George Šmejkal, the designer of the displayed design Amheba by George Šmejkal points out, Organic bookcase called Amheba is driven by algorithm, which contains variable parameters and set of rules. Concept of Topological optimization is used for li <Cropped>

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Ahadrone Kit by Srinivasulu Reddy

Srinivasulu Reddy Shows The Ahadrone Kit Cardboard Drone

Srinivasulu Reddy, the architect of the displayed design Cardboard Drone by Srinivasulu Reddy demonstrates, ahaDRONE, a lightweight drone designed to fit within the 18 inch square corrugated board, a paperboard engineered for aerospace applications. <Cropped>

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