Yu Ming Cheng's Siam More Thai Bar Restaurant

Yu Ming Cheng Spotlights The Siam More Thai Bar Restaurant

Yu Ming Cheng, the lead designer of the awarded project Siam More Thai Bar by Yu Ming Cheng explicates, The visual point is the partition which uses the elements into abstraction. Not using the spotlight to emphasize the visual point, but conduct the <Cropped>

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Diamond Ring:reflection by Seyed Mohammad Mortazavi

Seyed Mohammad Mortazavi Illustrates The Reflection Diamond Ring

Seyed Mohammad Mortazavi, the project leader of the award winning project Award Winning Reflection Diamond Ring illustrates, This is a double finger diamond ring which the top of the ring stands between 2 fingers and make it looks more different from <Cropped>

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Religous by Aryan Ron and Arman Ron

Aryan Ron and Arman Ron Shares The Church in Hardangervidda Religous

Aryan Ron and Arman Ron, the creative mind behind the award winning work Aryan Ron and Arman Ron's Church in Hardangervidda Religous explains, Main challenge in designing this project was to achieve a suitable location in terms of visibility and <Cropped>

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Kanzashi Flower Mizuhiki Jewelry by Asuka Saito

Kanzashi Flower Jewelry Is a New Jewelry Collection by Asuka Saito

Kanzashi flower jewelry is a new jewelry collection by Asuka Saito, San Francisco-based jewelry designer. The unique feature of these design is that those jewelry are created by arranging Japanese traditional technique, Tsumami zaiku, to make Kanzash <Cropped>

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Award Winning Hotel Ease Hotel

Artta Concept Studio Spotlights The Hotel Ease Hotel

ARTTA Concept Studio, the architect of the awarded design hotel:Hotel Ease by ARTTA Concept Studio spells out, Hotel Ease is highly inspired by the Art Deco of New York City in the 1920s. The Hotel uses a combination of geometric and simple lines to <Cropped>

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Festive Gift Set by Shawn Goh Chin Siang

Shawn Goh Chin Siang Designs The Scarlet Jade of The East Festive Gift Set

Shawn Goh Chin Siang, the creator of the highlighted work Scarlet Jade of the East by Shawn Goh Chin Siang illustrates, The design is inspired by the similar gift-giving tradition of Chinese and Japanese, as a means of passing good wishes and express <Cropped>

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Kyto Grit-Multi-Sports Tracking System by Studio Dott

Studio Dott. Designs The Kyto Grit Multi-Sports Tracking System

Studio Dott., the lead designer of the award winning project Award Winning Kyto Grit Multi-sports tracking system demonstrates, KYTO GRIT is a multi-sports fitness-tracking system. It consists of a tracker, a range of sport-specific devices and an a <Cropped>

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Issa Grotto Hill House by Proarh

Proarh Creates The Issa Grotto Hill House Single Family Holiday House

Proarh , the designer of the awarded design Issa grotto hill house by Proarh spells out, The traditional, rural, hand made topography of the stone-wall (need for horizontal surfaces for cultivation ) is a context that encompasses the aesthetics of th <Cropped>

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Award Winning Bh International Residence Residential House

Colega Architects Portrays The Bh International Residence Residential House

Colega Architects, the lead designer of the displayed design Colega Architects's BH International Residence Residential House explicates, Sited on a corner lot in an affluent neighborhood in Los Angeles, the project embraces aspects and theory <Cropped>

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Memo Pad Set:seasonal Colors by Katsumi Tamura

Katsumi Tamura Designs The Seasonal Colors Memo Pad Set

Katsumi Tamura, the thinktank behind the awarded project Katsumi Tamura's Seasonal Colors Memo pad set explains, The Seasonal Colors is a set of memo pads in four colors inspired by cherry, olive, ginkgo, and maple leaves. Both the cover and the <Cropped>

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