Award Winning 2016 Taipei Public Housing Exhibition Public

Alfie Shao and Hsuan Yen Demonstrates The 2016 Taipei Public Housing Exhibition Public

Alfie Shao and Hsuan Yen, the author of the award winning project public by Alfie Shao and Hsuan Yen points out, To achieve the goal of public housing is a common vision of Taiwan youth. Uphold the belief in the exhibition design, we use the glass to <Cropped>

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Award Winning Ideapad Y700 Laptop

Lenovo (beijing) Ltd. Shares The Ideapad Y700 Laptop

Lenovo (Beijing) Ltd., the thinktank behind the highlighted project Laptop by Lenovo (Beijing) Ltd. explicates, Y700 is designed for the gaming enthusiasts and consumers who need high performance PC. It has high resolution screen, so whether watchi <Cropped>

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Ring by Eleni Tezapsidou

Eleni Tezapsidou Spotlights The Nostalgia Ring

Eleni Tezapsidou, the maker of the award winning design Award Winning Nostalgia Ring demonstrates, Nostalgia is rhombic, set with black diamonds.Its shape combined with the stones set sideways,was inspired by two people's longing to meet again. <Cropped>

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Urban Wheel by Weinan Yang

Weinan Yang Exhibits The Urban Wheel Electric Unicycle

Weinan Yang, the designer of the award winning project Weinan Yang's Urban Wheel Electric Unicycle explains, Urban Wheel is a redesign of electric unicycle, changing the way that users interact with it, in order to produce maximum value of self- <Cropped>

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David Guerra-Bossa Nova Residential Apartment

At Design Interviews

Interview with David Guerra : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. David Guerra : When I was invited to create an apartment for the interior design exhibition “Casa Cor Minas Gerais 2014”, in São Seb <Cropped>

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Trophy:larry Perkins Trophy by Dr Scott Mayson

Dr Scott Mayson Shows The Larry Perkins Trophy Trophy

Dr Scott Mayson, the creator of the highlighted design Trophy by Dr Scott Mayson explicates, The Larry Perkins Trophy for Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix is a unique trophy that celebrates the engineering contributions that Formula 1 and Touring Cars <Cropped>

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Unfuse International Architecture Thesis Award'19

Unfuse a Part of Uni Serves as a Platform to Create a Global Community of Architects and Designers Who Are Pushing The Boundaries of Architecture Discipline to Enrich Our Built Environment. At Unfuse We Promote Exceptional Works, Ideas, Experimentations I

Unfuse a part of uni serves as a platform to create a global community of architects and designers who are pushing the boundaries of architecture discipline to enrich our built environment. at unfuse we promote exceptional works, ideas, experimentati <Cropped>

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A New Tyre :two-Ply Tyre by Gao Fenglin

Gao Fenglin Spotlights The Two-Ply Tyre a New Tyre

Gao Fenglin, the lead designer of the award winning work A new tyre :Two-ply Tyre by Gao Fenglin says, This is a tire with two cavity. The advantage is that if the sharp things break the tire, only one of the cavity leaks, and the other remains intac <Cropped>

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Riten Gojiya-3rd Dimension Airship

At Design Interviews

Interview with riten GOJIYA : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. riten GOJIYA : I design this airship for creative people who often likes traveling alone and wanna explore the beauty from new perspectiv <Cropped>

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Best Design Competitions

Take Part in The Worlds Best Design Competition Afor Opportunities to Get Closer to Your Design Destiny

The world is full of creative heads that give something unique to the world every day. However, not everyone gets noticed or appreciated for their talent. The world needed a platform where all the best designers, design firms, and designs can take pa <Cropped>

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