Carina Wong 's Dewdrop Earring

Carina Wong Designs The Dewdrop Earring

Carina Wong , the creative mind behind the displayed project Carina Wong 's Dewdrop Earring demonstrates, This piece transforms the organic form of a branch into wearable art. Subtle movable parts within the earring enable motion that echoes t <Cropped>

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3m For Design

New Contest On 3m and Desall Invite You to Design a New Furnishing Item For Indoors or Outdoors, That May Be Assembled Exclusively Using The 3m Adhesive Systems in Place of The Traditional Mechanical Fixing Methods (screws, Rivets, Soldering

New contest on 3m and desall invite you to design a new furnishing item for indoors or outdoors, that may be assembled exclusively using the 3m adhesive systems in place of the traditional mechanical fixing methods (screws, rivets, solder <Cropped>

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Tajimaya Shabu Shabu-Japanese Hot Pot Dining by Chikara Sasaki and Aky N

Chikara Sasaki and Aky N Discloses The Tajimaya Shabu Shabu Japanese Hot Pot Dining

Chikara Sasaki and Aky N, the creator of the awarded work Japanese Hot Pot Dining by Chikara Sasaki and Aky N demonstrates, This Japanese hot pot dining Tajimaya Shabu Shabu is located at apm mall, which is the popular spot for the young and trendy g <Cropped>

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Computer Monitor by Lenovo Design Group

Lenovo Design Group Designs The Thinkvision X24 Computer Monitor

Lenovo Design Group, the creative mind behind the displayed work Computer Monitor by Lenovo Design Group says, The X24 monitor incorporates the most advanced thin panel available within an exceptionally thin, light and elegant form. The display panel <Cropped>

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Stool:espresso Stool by Dongjoo Jung

Dongjoo Jung Presents The Espresso Stool Stool

Dongjoo Jung, the project leader of the displayed project Stool:Espresso Stool by Dongjoo Jung says, The designer of Espresso Stool captures a very short moment of his daily life. The short moment that he captured is to make coffee every single day <Cropped>

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Residence:house W by Atelier About Architecture

Atelier About Architecture Discloses The House W Residence

Atelier About Architecture, the project leader of the highlighted work Residence:House W by Atelier About Architecture points out, It took three years to complete the design of House W with numerous redesign and adjustments in between. Atelier About <Cropped>

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Seating in Praying by Hamid Reza Khodaei

Hamid Reza Khodaei Presents The Purity Seating in Praying

Hamid Reza Khodaei , the author of the award winning work Purity - seating in praying by Hamid Reza Khodaei illustrates, Unique features of the project, is the use form on the Kneeling human To demonstrate the performance associated with it means S <Cropped>

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704 Home by Paula Werneck

Paula Werneck Discloses The 704 Home Design Store

Paula Werneck, the designer of the displayed project Design Store:704 Home by Paula Werneck explicates, The design for the Pop up store had as premise to show the essence of the identity of the brand 704 Home. Different textures and colors from vario <Cropped>

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All Types of Interior Designing . Vehicle and Architectureinterior and Exterior of Architectural and Automotive

All types of interior designing . vehicle and architectureInterior and exterior of architectural and automotive.

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Award Winning Caffe Medici Coffee Shop

Jean-Pierre Trou Creates The Caffe Medici Coffee Shop

Jean-Pierre Trou , the thinktank behind the awarded design Caffe Medici by Jean-Pierre Trou says, The design borrows from the archetypes of the traditional bungalow home and recreates it so the architecture feels familiar and intriguing. The interior <Cropped>

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