Exo-Chair by Svilen Gamolov

Svilen Gamolov Creates The Exo Chair

Svilen Gamolov, the designer of the award winning project Exo - Chair by Svilen Gamolov demonstrates, The Exo chair is designed for use in the interior space. The design idea is represented of a minimalist approach of the shape. This solution is insp <Cropped>

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Presentation and Sales by David Chang

David Chang Designs The Times Paradise Presentation and Sales

David Chang, the thinktank behind the highlighted project Times Paradise - Presentation and Sales by David Chang points out, The humanistic spirit of Suzhou inspired the design. The beauty of the natural environment is well integrated with the ancien <Cropped>

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Falmec Life Inspired

Falmec and Desall Invite You to Design New Product Solutionsnew Product Design Contest On Desall.com: Falmec and Desall Invite You to Design New Product Solutions. For More Info: Https://Bit.ly/Falmecdesign Contest Timeline Upload Phase: 11th Apr

Falmec and desall invite you to design new product solutionsNew product design contest on desall.com: falmec and desall invite you to design new product solutions. for more info: https://bit.ly/falmecdesign contest timeline upload phase: 11t <Cropped>

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Chair by Arshad Ardalani

Arshad Ardalani Demonstrates The Jojyan Chair

Arshad Ardalani, the architect of the award winning work Jojyan by Arshad Ardalani illustrates, It all started by an ancient myths relating how to the Prince travels in India by a magic flying rug. The shape of the chair resembles the flying rug or a <Cropped>

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Illustration by Jianyu Wu

Jianyu Wu Reveals The The Whisper of Night Illustration

Jianyu Wu, the thinktank behind the displayed project Illustration:The Whisper of Night by Jianyu Wu explicates, This group of works gives the audience a unique world by drawing, it may be a mirror for the performance of the real world, it seems to b <Cropped>

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Parastoo by Ali Alavi

Ali Alavi Creates The Parastoo Chair

Ali Alavi, the project leader of the award winning project Ali Alavi's Parastoo chair explicates, I respect for all kind of chairs. In my opinion one of the most important and classic and special stuff in interiors design is the chair . The ide <Cropped>

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Tazze by Twinsadhouse

Twinsadhouse Exhibits The Tazze Nuts, Dried Fruits

Twinsadhouse , the creator of the displayed project Tazze by Twinsadhouse spells out, we created a new brand architecture for our client focusing on the priorities individuals consuming nuts in Turkey. our target was: Designs reflecting the quality <Cropped>

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Winery:moonvalley by Bord Architectural Studio

Bord Architectural Studio Exhibits The Moonvalley Winery

BORD Architectural Studio, the maker of the highlighted design Winery by BORD Architectural Studio says, The new winery was influenced and inspired by the intellectual, including architecture, and agricultural heritage of Mad. Transparency and humble <Cropped>

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Multifunctional Chair:grow Up by Yong Zhang and Ya-Nan Shi

Yong Zhang and Ya-Nan Shi Reveals The Grow Up Multifunctional Chair

Yong Zhang and Ya-nan Shi, the designer of the award winning project Multifunctional Chair:Grow Up by Yong Zhang and Ya-nan Shi says, The rapid growth and development of children shorten the children products' life , resulting in a waste of reso <Cropped>

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Edoardo Petri's Thalia Washbasin

Edoardo Petri Spotlights The Thalia Washbasin

Edoardo Petri, the maker of the awarded work Thalia - washbasin by Edoardo Petri demonstrates, Washbasin looking like a bud ready to bloom and fill up: it is so blooming that it was made from a skillful union of solid wood larch and teak, an essence <Cropped>

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