Gurleva Marina's Lynx Club Business & Beauty Spa&beauty

Gurleva Marina Demonstrates The Lynx Club Business & Beauty Spa&beauty

Gurleva Marina, the author of the highlighted project SPA&BEAUTY by Gurleva Marina explicates, The complex consisting of three floors. An interior the first and second floors in space style. Consisting of a lobby and five halls with pools and S <Cropped>

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Residential Space by Chang Pai-Mo

Chang Pai-Mo Discloses The Dreamer Residential Space

Chang Pai-Mo, the thinktank behind the highlighted design Residential Space:Dreamer by Chang Pai-Mo says, What kind of creativity will be produced when a client holding wild imagination towards “home”? The collision between traditional oriental F <Cropped>

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Soft-Light by Tianyi Shi

Tianyi Shi Shows The Soft Light

Tianyi Shi, the project leader of the highlighted design Soft by Tianyi Shi spells out, The inspiration of Soft Light comes from the feeling of touching foam, softness and warmth. It is hard to change foam’s shape, which is like a stubborn child. <Cropped>

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Property, Sale, Exhibition by Huang Quan

Huang Quan Portrays The Hysun Chairman Sales Center Property, Sale, Exhibition

Huang Quan, the maker of the award winning project Hysun Chairman Sales Center by Huang Quan demonstrates, Shanghai Greenland Hysun Sales Gallery, a real estate exhibition and business center, is the sediment of history and the essence of culture. Th <Cropped>

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Call For Expression of Interest For Shelter Design For The Protection of Mosaics At An Archaeological Site in Cyprus

Please Read Call For Expression of Interest On Getty Conservation Institute Web Site: Http://

Please read call for expression of interest on getty conservation institute web site:

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Frozen Foods:raw'iu by Ineta Plytnykiene

Ineta Plytnykiene Creates The Raw'iu Frozen Foods

Ineta Plytnykiene, the architect of the displayed work Raw'iu by Ineta Plytnykiene spells out, Rawiu is a bachelor project of branding, created at Vilnius Academy of Arts by a graphic designer Ineta Plytnykiene. The project is cherishing traditi <Cropped>

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Xin Lin Tea House-Tea Package by Shaobin Lin

Shaobin Lin Portrays The Xin Lin Tea House Tea Package

Shaobin Lin, the author of the award winning design XIN LIN TEA HOUSE by Shaobin Lin explicates, This project has designed many fonts and graphics related Chaoshan culture and Gongfu tea. In the package design reflected the hollow effect. The concept <Cropped>

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Interior Space by Don Lin

Don Lin Shows The Contemporary Mansionette Residential Interior Space

Don Lin , the maker of the awarded work Interior space:Contemporary Mansionette residential by Don Lin spells out, From an existing old apartment that turns into a timeless personality. The exclusive part of this apartment was the conversion of a fi <Cropped>

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Follow Focus Ad-On:nd Lens Gear by Studio Nils Fischer

Studio Nils Fischer Portrays The Nd Lens Gear Follow Focus Ad-On

Studio Nils Fischer, the maker of the highlighted project Follow Focus Ad-On by Studio Nils Fischer explains, The ND LensGear precisely adjusts selfcentered to lenses with different diameters. The ND LensGear Series covers all lenses out like no othe <Cropped>

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Luigi Toledo/Carlos Toledo's Andrômeda Tourist Kayak

Luigi Toledo/Carlos Toledo Demonstrates The Andrômeda Tourist Kayak

Luigi Toledo / Carlos Toledo, the creator of the awarded work Andrômeda by Luigi Toledo / Carlos Toledo spells out, The Andromeda Project was born due to the tourist kayaks needing to obtain technique to pad them, lack of stability and hydrodynamics <Cropped>

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